Josh Thomson on Gay Marriage: “what’s next…marrying children & animals?”

Posted: June 12, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

joshthomsonThis isn’t a political website; it’s an MMA website. But Josh Thomson recently made some comments about gay marriage on his Facebook page that deserve some attention. I’ll try to reserve my own opinions–although it’s impossible to write this article without them seeping through–so they don’t overshadow Thomson’s comments.

Here’s the question “The Punk” recently raised on Facebook: “Should you be allowed to marry whoever you want? Before you answer that, should u be allowed to have more than 1 wife?”

Fair enough I guess. Anyone can ask a question. But we know exactly where he’s going with this. He garnered quite a bit of debate (some of it well thought out; some of it not) and he replied to them a bit later. Here is his next comment.

“I’m only asking a question. My next question is, should siblings be allowed to marry siblings? My point is, where do you draw the line? I personally don’t care who you marry but I also am smart enough to know that it opens a gateway to men/women trying to marry young kids, siblings marrying each other and people having multiple husbands an wives. You have to think all of these things are okay otherwise your stopping them from being happy as well which is hypocrisy. Equality doesn’t stop with gay marriage, it just starts with it.”

Thomson is comparing same sex marriage to incest, polygamy and most disturbingly, pedophilia. Do we really need to explain to Josh that an adult trying to marry a child is NOT AT ALL comparable to gay marriage—which involves two consenting adults? But he goes even farther in the next comment. Buckle up.

He went on to suggest that the next step is humans marrying animals. Yep, he went there. Animals. Josh Thomson just suggested that gay marriage could lead to people being allowed to marry animals. He covers himself using the blanket, “I personally don’t give a shit who you marry, but…” line, but he must…otherwise why bring it up?

Pat Miletich even chimed in agreeing 100% with Thomson and adding a few more logs to the fire. Thanks Pat. Finally Thomson posed this hypothetical question. I’ll bold it for impact. Typos and errors are his, not mine.

“why is it okay for gays to marry and your gonna turn around and tell the guy he can’t marry the lil girl next door or the teacher she cant marry the lil boy in her class? Siblings, animals, etc. Why can’t they be happy like gay people an heterosexual people?”

By now I’m sure you know my own stance on the topic. I think most of the arguments against gay marriage went out of style about the time of women wearing bonnets and churning butter. That’s my opinion. What do you think?

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  1. ryan says:

    haha I was the one that started the thread on sherdog and alerted as many media outlets as possible about this.

  2. Charles Nostrant says:

    I think both Thomson & Miletich have been hit to the head too much to give rational opiniona. Comparing gay people wanting to marry each other to person marrying a horse make no sense!!

  3. Daniel Knight says:

    You’re missing his point because you’re letting your dense liberal minds get in the way….Many gay couples say we are denying them “happiness” because its not legal for them to Marry. So if we end up letting them marry and granting them their “happiness” then where do you draw the line? If a gay wants to marry his dog or daughter or sister or whoever because it makes him “happy” then who are we to deny him that right? Slippery slope

    • SwolDoggy says:

      We draw the line at raping kids and animals. That is where the line is drawn. Any questions?

    • Nigerian American says:

      Daniel Knight has a point and whether you choose to acknowledge it is your prerogative. But this is something Ive thought about what if different ppl used the same logic. In the case of bestiality. How are you going to say its an act between humans when before we’d argue its for man and women. Or what if they say its not hurting anyone. Or if you dont like bestiality or animal marriage dont get one. Or the parties involved are in love. Same goes for siblings and pedophilia how are you going to tell other people something is wrong to do when others are doing something people consider wrong to do. WHERE THE FUCK IS THE LINE. Make a joke about it or say there is no comparing the two but eventually when gay marriage because a norm people in society are going to move on to such this as incest, pedophilia, and bestiality and soon we’ll be hearing about being born this way and their rights being violated.

  4. SwolDoggy says:

    Maybe my dense liberal mind works differently than yours Daniel Knight, but two ADULTS engaging in a consensual relationship is completely different than RAPING A CHILD OR AN ANIMAL. No comparison.

    • Daniel Knight says:

      So I should be able to have 30 different wives? I mean since we are all consenting adults why not right? And What if I wanted to marry my sister? shes an Adult. Or what if I was a 50 year old man who wanted to marry my 21 year old daughter? We are both consenting adults right? I did not mention anything about raping anybody. I believe I have a very logical comparison

      • SwolDoggy says:

        If you want to marry your sister and she wants to marry you, go for it. Thirty wives? Your funeral. Animals and kids? Not a logical comparison at all.

  5. SwolDoggy says:

    The incest and polygamy examples I can at least understand how you draw the comparison , but pedophilia and beastiality? Come on.

    • Daniel Knight says:

      Yeah it sounds ridiculous but you know as well as I do that eventually people will start coming out of the woodworks using the argument that most all gay folks use “we are born that way”… If a dude likes to have sex with animals because “he was born that way” than how can we condemn that man? same with pedophiles and any other creepy thing that sick people like to do. I understand its very ridiculous sounding but It’s just showing the whole slippery slope side of the argument.

      • SwolDoggy says:

        I get what you are saying, I just think that argument is fundamentally flawed and therefore will never actually come into play. The whole pursuit of happiness argument hinges on the idea that nobody (or animal) is being harmed in the process. We can condemn the man who was born wanting to have sex with animals or kids because he is harming animals and kids in the process. Homosexuality on the other hand doesn’t hurt anyone so long as it is consensual.

      • Daniel Knight says:

        I sure hope you’re right. It just all comes down to this, if we as the majority of the population change the law for such a small minority of folks then we will also eventually have to do it for many other minority groups as well. It just opens to the door to all kinds of craziness.

  6. SwolDoggy says:

    You are looking at it the wrong way. We, as the majority law-makers, are basically persecuting a minority because of there beliefs, which is unconstitutional. All I’m saying is you take gay marriage to the Supreme Court, you have a case. Go before a judge and tell him you wanna bang little kids, your ass is going to prison. You ask where we draw the line, we draw it right there. Gay rights is the next civil rights movement, and I for one will not be counted amongst the closed minded bigots.

  7. Jen says:

    Outstanding SwolDoggy! Incredibly well stated!

  8. jacob hall says:

    I think the punk was spot on, and I think the flaming fag who wrote the article should be fired, that’s all we need is a fag influencing MMA fans and making them think its ok. IT SAID ADAM AND EVE, NOT ADAM AND STEVE!

  9. dooz says:

    Jacob Hall …Thank you for this “intelligent” comment. Adam & Steve? Wow, haven’t heard that one in a while. I think we’re all a little bit dumber for having to read your nonsense.

    • Daniel Knight says:

      If the entire world was Gay then we’d cease to exist. We are not meant to be gay. Being gay is a medical disorder.

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