Matt Hughes and Son go Big Game Hunting in Africa

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Cool Stuff We Like

UFC legend and former welterweight champion Matt Hughes went on a killing spree this summer. Hughes and his son Joey took a trip to South Africa to go big game hunting. And boy did they cash in! Looks like they bagged the entire cast of “Madagascar” while they were over there.

Among the animals they nailed were a wildebeest, an impala (not mine, cuz my old Impala died about 2 decades ago), a kudu, and something called a gemsbok that had long hornsabout 30 feet tall.

Basically, they cleaned up on their hunting excursion. No matter what you think of hunting from a moral standpoint (ehem, Dan Hardy), one thing is clear…if Hughes had a gun, he could’ve probably taken BJ Penn out within the first round.

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