Jorge Masvidal: “I think if I fight Melendez 10 times, I win 9.”

Posted: March 15, 2012 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news, Strikeforce Events
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Strikeforce welterweight Jorge Masvidal is going to give you candid answers, as we ourselves already knew from an interview we did with him this past December. More recently through, Masvidal was interviewed by MMAMania where he was asked about his street fighting past and about his title fight with Gilbert Melendez, a fight he lost via unanimous decision.

When asked whether or not his street fighting actually helped him become a better MMA fighter, Masvidal responded:

‘I don’t know if it helped develop me as a fighter but it definitely makes you wanna win. It’s nice to fight people your own weight and get paid good though. You mighta seen my street fights on youtube, it just went from there. I just like to fight, if i can get paid for it and make a living then that’s good.”

And while today Masvidal is making a living fighting professionally…and fighting guys his size, that doesn’t mean he’s on easy street. Case in point, Masvidal caught some heat after his title fight against Melendez, as some MMA pundits questioned why he didn’t pull the trigger more, especially during the latter rounds when it appeared that he was behind on the scorecards. It would later come out that Masvidal had exasperated a hand injury in the first round of their fight, leading him to fight more cautiously.

So when Masvidal was asked whether or not the injury played a part or not during their fight, this was his response:

“The hand? Yeah it affected me a bit in the Melendez fight, I’ve had surgery and getting it fixed up now for another fight. I think if I fight Melendez 10 times I win nine, that’s always how I feel…. so yeah its a fight I should of won. I want to fight again soon… once my hand is 100% I’m fighting.”

9 out of 10 times? I’m not so sure about that, but I do think their fight was closer than people remember. Masvidal did plenty of damage to the champ and apparently did so with one good hand. More notably though, he never looked hurt during their 5 rounds and did a good job in keeping the fight standing. And in a division with a lack of depth, I don’t see a re-match to be that far out of the question.

At any rate, Masvidal is currently in Thailand training at Phuket Top Team and it doesn’t seem that he’s rushing to come back:

“Sure, whatever comes – where ever the money is, where ever I need to fight and win. Right now I’m just enjoying my vacation, Thai people are very relaxed, the place is kinda like Miami and the training is good here at Phuket Top Team.”

Here’s to a speedy recovery…

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