WTF: Rampage vs. Toney? Dear God no.

Posted: January 6, 2011 in WTF!?

I don’t understand why top-level MMA fighters are still falling victim to Toney’s acerbic tongue.  Toney clearly showed the world that he doesn’t belong anywhere near an MMA ring, air-tapping to a choke in the 1st round by The Natural last August, yet here I am 5 months later writing about his fat ass.  I resent it!

In an interview with Fight Hype, Toney has decided to now call out Rampage Jackson, using terms like “Uncle Tom” and “Black redneck” to describe the former UFC champ, and ultimately challenging him to a fight.  And while I do find it repugnant that Toney is still using archaic terms like “Uncle Tom” in the 21st century, I’m more bothered with the fact that Rampage has followed suit and decided to retaliate with a video response of his own.  You can see it here.

Why aren’t people asking themselves why Toney, a sure bet for the Boxing Hall of Fame, isn’t still boxing.  Do you think that maybe the boxing promoters have caught on that no one cares to see a washed up ol’ bastard getting his head knocked in by other mediocre fighters.  Probably.  So why is MMA, notably the UFC, still letting this vagabond stick around? 


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  1. @deuces_sk says:

    Didn’t tony get choked out with that wrestling choke Lesner used on Mir? as opposed to the TKO you mentioned?

  2. @deuces_sk says:

    correction Lesner used on Carwin. It must be monday in disguise today

  3. vigilantemma says:

    right on, just made the correction. thx. fresh

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