jon-jones-22Remember when Jon Jones posted some anti-gay remarks on Instagram a couple weeks ago in response to some fans dogging him online? Well then you probably remember the “I lost my phone” and “I got hacked” defense he immediately employed, neither of which sounded all too convincing. Well, Read the rest of this entry »

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DavisVIGPhil Davis has quite the gas tank when it comes to talking about champion Jon Jones. It seems as though when Davis found out he wasn’t all that close to being the top contender at LHW, he turned up the heat on his trash talk. Now he’s claiming Jones is running from him and others. Read the rest of this entry »

francaFormer UFC lightweight title challenger, Hermes Franca has been in a lot of trouble the past few years. And I’m not referring to his streak of just one win in eight fights either. I’m also not referring to his horrible hair. Instead I’m talking about a little something called “Unlawful Read the rest of this entry »

rocky vs- dixonWhich Rocky was it? 11? 12? If you saw it, you’d remember the elderly former champ Rocky Balboa got on the nerves of the current champ, Mason “the Line” Dixon (one of the worst fictional names ever) until the young buck started calling out the old bastard, eventually getting him inside the ring. Read the rest of this entry »

SOnnenVIG1How in the hell did Chael Sonnen pull this off? When Sonnen agreed to coach opposite arch rival Wanderlei Silva in The Ultimate Fighter, it was believed that “the American Gangster” should have plenty of security while staying in hostile territory, Wand’s home Read the rest of this entry »

bjpennSince my fantasy baseball team has started off like shit—thanks a lot, Kershaw—let me get my stats fix somewhere else. Here’s something I ran across that was interesting. The active UFC leaders in total strikes landed.

It probably Read the rest of this entry »

Royce-Gracie-Mike-TysonIn 1993, UFC 1 took place. The winner, Royce Gracie, became a legend in the sport that day. Another legend, Mike Tyson was in prison in ’93, and would never be the same again afterwards. But that won’t stop us from having some fun. Let’s go around the horn Read the rest of this entry »

chuck-liddellFormer champion and UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell is known as a guy who doesn’t back down from a fight. That’s why the topic of UFC 151—UFC’s first cancelled event—is still a bitter one for “The Iceman.”

“I would have done Read the rest of this entry »

StrikeforceRondaRouseyLast week Ronda Rousey again ruffled some feathers with some insensitive comments about Cris Cyborg. “Rowdy” claimed that Cyborg “has been on steroids for so long…that she’s not even a woman anymore…she’s an ‘it.’” Read the rest of this entry »

white_chicksBased on Marlon Wayan’s track record of brutally unfunny movies, you’d have to include him in the mix of LEAST talented “comedians,” right up there with Dane Cook, Carlos Mencia and Carrot Top. All I need to do is recite these shitty flicks that NO ONE Read the rest of this entry »